"Paradise in your glass"

We are in 1589, somewhere between Saintes and Cognac, in Charente, when a winemaker accidentally poured his grape must - to ferment it like used at the time - in a barrel that still contained some Cognac brandy.

Few years after, an abundant harvest forced him to use all of the barrels he had. When he opened this famous cask, he realized his mistake and wanted to taste its content. He was very surprised by the result ... What he thought was finding probably vinegar, turned out to be an extraordinary liqueur wine, the winemaker gave his name and the Pineau was born.

Pineau is therefore the fruit of a harmonious alliance between grape must (or juice) and Cognac. Pineau is qualified as a "mistelle", which means "mixed" or "mixed" wine.

To be Pineau, the law imposes a minimum aging including a part in oak barrels, which gives all its nobility to the product.

An "Old" Pineau will require an aging of at least 5 yearsin barrels, as for the mention "Extra-Old" or "Very Old", we speak of 10 years of minimum aging.

Finally, you should know that to be a Pineau producer, you must be a Cognac producer.

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First of all, H Fils is a family history, a heritage, but it is mostly a tribute to our ancestor, Henri Fils, who bought the Charentais family estate in the middle of the 20th century.

H Fils is a close collaboration with some independent winemakers in the region. Today it is the ambition to bring up to date exceptional Pineaux who sleep in barrels when they deserve to have their place in great restaurants, beautiful hotels, or be worked by mixologist bartenders who will enhance it differently.

H Fils is also a collaboration with local service providers, located in Cognac, sharing the same ambition.

Finally, H Fils is the evidence of finding a rare, carefully selected Pineau in your glass.


LOT N°01 - Epuisé

For the first edition, H Fils could only select the best.

From Grande Champagne, « Premier Cru » of Cognac, its Controlled Designation of Origin is a guarantee of quality but also authenticity.

This exceptional Pineau spent 19 years in oak casks. Born of an assembly of two very old pineaux, one from 1994, the other from 2000, it is unique in its conception.

Its aging allowed it to develop great aromatic qualities with notes of nuts, prune, honey and almond, which allows perfect associations with foie gras, cheese, but also all sorts of desserts thanks to its notes of mature grapes. Its long after taste makes it comparable to old Cognacs.

There is no precise moment to serve H Fils Pineau, fresh or on ice, pure, at the aperitif as at the end of a meal instead of a digestive, or through a cocktail.

Ideal with your cigar, it remains a universal product and will also seduce women thanks to its sweet side.


La Demoiselle du Château 

Anti Covid 

Femme Fatale 

Une nuit étoilée 


Glass style : Coupe, refreshing

Method : Mixing Glass & Fine Strain


30ml Pineau des Charentes Extra Old H Fils

20ml Gin

20ml Samogon Vodka

10ml Gentian Liquor

3 Dash Tonka & Grapefruit Tincture

Garnish : Organic Orange zest & Grated Tonka


Glass style : Old-Fashioned

Method : Mixing in a Glass & Fine Strain with Clear Ice


60ml Cognac

20ml Pineau des Charentes Extra Old H Fils

3 Dash Burlesque Bitters

Garnish : Ultra Baby Organic Sage Leaf


Glass style : Coupe, Frozen

Method : Shake & Double Strain


25ml OverProof Cognac

25ml Pineau des Charentes Extra Old H Fils

80ml Fresh Organic Clementine & Lime Squeezed

15ml Ginger, Charentes Honey & Clementine Zest

3 Dash Angostura bitters

Top with 20ml Sparkling Water

Organic Fresh Rosemary

Garnish : Organic Lime Zest & Fresh Rosemary


Glass style : Coupe, refreshing

Method : Mixing Glass & Fine Strain


30ml Pineau des Charentes Extra Old H Fils

20ml Gin

20ml Samogon Vodka

10ml Gentian Liquor

3 Dash Tonka & Grapefruit Tincture

Garnish : Organic Orange zest & Grated Tonka

LOT N°02

Ce très vieux Pineau Rosé, issu de pur Merlot Noir, aura vieilli plus de 18 ans en fût de chêne. Sa robe de couleur orangée laisse découvrir un nez élégant aux arômes de Cognac et de fruits confits. Sa bouche souple et intense révèle des notes de confiture de griottes et de pruneaux.

Il est vieilli en fûts de 400 litres, et préparé pour sa mise en bouteilles juste quelques semaines avant sa commercialisation. Seules les années présentant une belle structure sont sélectionnées pour ce vieillissement prolongé.

Il se déguste à l’apéritif, en digestif, mais parfumera aussi à merveille vos desserts au chocolat ainsi qu’un plateau de fromage, ou encore un foie gras.


Pineau dont les moûts sont issus de cépage 100% Merlot dans une parcelle de vignes d’une quarantaine d’années sur des terres silico-argileuses proches de la commune de Burie.

Il est assemblé avec un Cognac Fins Bois de la propriété, peu boisé, issu de l’année précédent l’assemblage.











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